Piper & Emma, both interior designers, co-founded Demarc after years of working together on corporate office projects and independently on residential interiors.

During the design process, they contemplated not only the practical requirements for efficient work but also the behaviors and practices that contributed to richer experiences in and outside of the (home) office. Along with considering cords and cables, phones and tablets, storage for books and papers, acoustics, ergonomics, and aesthetics they thought about the struggles people — couples, families, singles, everyone — face when working from home.

In naming their company Demarc, they stress their belief in demarcating space to establish physical boundaries between work and personal life in the home. Rather than produce a wide range of products, their rigorous design and prototyping process focused on creating a comprehensive, beautifully detailed singular solution and sourcing complimentary products from innovative makers across the globe.

Demarc is a women-owned, founder-funded business committed to supporting diversity and inclusion.

Throughout our manufacturing process, we are proud to represent a sustainable economy by using raw materials that are eco-friendly.


By controlling production and cutting out the middleman, Demarc brings you the best possible price and product.